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Elements by Tom Lehrer - YouTube

Elements by Tom Lehrer - YouTube

 by on May 5, 2007
***********************Its a great honor to have our little cartoon featured on Wired Magazine. (

As the number 5 top video about science. We would be pleased if you saw the other 9 videos featured.
A Useless Bay Production of The Elements Song (or the Periodic Table Song) by Tom Lehrer

Yes, we are very much aware that "silicone" is not the same as "silicon" however there are silicon piano keys in the picture, if anyone has noticed. We aren't chemists, and we aren't even very good animators over here at Useless Bay. ***************

To Students and Instructors:

If you would like to use this video please email us and we'll be happy to send you a copy. Please share, post, show, broadcast or transmit, we would be honored to donate our project. We can correct the glaring administrative error in the cartoon, as well and make it a little more family friendly.

Gene at Useless Bay Productions *************************




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