Sunday, July 22, 2012

Always be Drunken

Hurdler demonstrates FLOW

“Even when she walks one would believe that she dances.”

― Charles Baudelaire

“The beautiful is always bizarre.”

― Charles Baudelaire

“Life has but one true charm: the charm of the game. But what if we’re indifferent to whether we win or lose?”
― Charles Baudelaire

“a multitude of small delights constitute happiness”
― Charles Baudelaire

“One should always be drunk. That's all that matters...But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.”
― Charles Baudelaire

“There are women who inspire you with the desire to conquer them and to take your pleasure of them; but this one fills you only with the desire to die slowly beneath her gaze.”
― Charles Baudelaire

“Be always drunken.
Nothing else matters:
that is the only question.
If you would not feel
the horrible burden of Time
weighing on your shoulders
and crushing you to the earth,
be drunken continually.

Drunken with what?

With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you will.
But be drunken.

And if sometimes,

on the stairs of a palace,
or on the green side of a ditch,
or in the dreary solitude of your own room,
you should awaken
and the drunkenness be half or wholly slipped away from you,
ask of the wind,
or of the wave,
or of the star,
or of the bird,
or of the clock,
of whatever flies,
or sighs,
or rocks,
or sings,
or speaks,
ask what hour it is;
and the wind,
clock will answer you:
"It is the hour to be drunken!”

― Charles Baudelaire,
Paris Spleen

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Calgary Stampede et al

 Saturday: Innisfail, Alta., cowboy Lane Jamieson is thrown from Uzi Rocket at the Calgary Stampede. (Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press)


Tuesday: A man photographs a full moon in Brasilia, Brazil. (Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters)


Wednesday: A helicopter drops water on a forest fire outside Big Piney, Wyoming. (Jim Urquhart/Reuters)

 Sunday: Cyclist Fredrik Kessiakoff, centre, stands on the podium following the eighth stage of the Tour de France. (Bogdan Cristel/Reuters)

A man dressed as a giant holds a young girl during the so-called ‘giants and big heads parade’ during the San Fermin festival on July 10, 2012. Tens of thousands of festival-goers gather in the northern Spanish city for the week-long party, made famous for the running of the bulls. (Pedro Armestre/AFP/Getty)

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