Sunday, April 24, 2016

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Little girl riding an alligator cart

Man on a shoe bike

The famous ‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’, workers during construction of the RCA building in New York,1932. By CC Ebbets

A guy with balls; somewhere in the beginning of the 20th century.

Salvador Dali at a book signing, taken with a fish-eye lens, by Philippe Halsman, 1963.

A Siberian bear-hunting armor from the 1800s

A Zippo lighter from the Vietnam War

Two collided bullets from the Battle of Gallipoli, 1915-1916.

World's first ever ambulance service

Produced quite early into WW2, this British poster was so popular that as soon as they were put up, they disappeared

Testing Football Helmets in 1912

Muhammad Ali hugs Pelé at his goodbye match. He said: "My friend. My friend. Now there are two of the greatest."1977

First pig to fly, 1909.

When you want to get in shape for summer but life is hard.

New York City, c. 1900

Tippi Hedren having her cigarette lit by a crow on the set of The Birds

'Strictly No Elephants'

All power to the people

A little boy walking to his friends encounters British soldiers around the corner in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 1973

Sgt. Stubby, the most decorated war dog of WW I, fought in 17 battles on the Western Front.

An Eskimo man enjoying some music on a record player, 1922

-Sophia Loren on Jayne Mansfield '57

Engraved Zippo lights belonging to Vietnam soldiers

Brigitte Bardot on the tube in London, 1955.

The Beatles in Hamburg, 1961

U.S. soldier killed while crossing a pontoon bridge over the Rur River near Jülich, Germany, 1945

Arnold Schwarzenegger with his ballet instructors who helped him with his posing, 1976


People pose on the Fieldbrook stump, probably the largest redwood tree in the world, California,1890's

A Smoke and a Ride. Birmingham, England. 1930s

Back when they called them “service stations”, ca. 1940s.

Men of the London Stock Exchange, 1937.

Ladies enjoying their swinging chairs on an Atlantic City beach, ca. 1905.


A policeman stands in the rain to monitor traffic on the Regent Street, London, ca. 1900s

Two children at a water fountain in New York City, 1930s.

Bathers undress using the 'skreenette' on a public beach, 1929

Post Office, Searsburg, Vermont, circa 1914. Signs on shack ''Post Office, Searsburg'' and ''Don't call on Sunday''.

Fishing at the river in Rome, Italy, 1885

Hanoi during an air raid alert, Vietnam, 1967

Children playing with paper bags, ca. 1960s.

A women’s basketball team at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, 1902.

A policeman stands in the rain to monitor traffic on the Regent Street, London, ca. 1900s

LSD Acid for $1.00 at Powder Ridge Rock Festival, 1970

All of Gandhi’s worldly possessions.

The inside of the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Iran.

Bruce Lee one hand push-up, using only an index finger and a thumb.

A Llama in Times Square, 1957

Ruby Bridges, first African-American to attend a white elementary school in the South. November 14th, 1960

John Lennon sniffing Coke

Bonnie and Clyde’s car after they were killed, 1934.

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland